these words are light



these words are light,
they have never felt
the weight of paper,
the gravity of ink,
but spoken silently
they glide
in the high cloud,
as selfless
servers hold them,
in coded revelations
and undisclosed locations.
unborn into the world,
no tyranny of time
will touch them,
but switching binary,
particle and wave
they pass from light
to light, to light,
here on the crystal skin
of this pulsing ocean,
the eternal apocalypse,
the matrix of light.



2 thoughts on “these words are light

  1. It is completely amazing isnt it?? how does it work? And how will history manage to capture us in the future? Without paper.
    Love this. beautifully constructed as ever but mysterious and thought provoking too. Well done Mark 🙂

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