gardens of adonis

i hold my garden in my hands
and with my sisters
climb the stairs
to the white sun-blind roof.
gardens of adonis,
wheat and flax and fennel,
in shallow clay bowls
we carry for him
painted bright
with childish flowers,
us garlanded with grace
and sacrifice-clean,
climbing into the
pure blue fire of zeus,
and seeking
the sweet sea breeze
this bright, burning,
midsummers day.

each day the sleeping seeds
we’ll wake with water
from the sacred spring
where hidden shadows sleep,
til they rise
on cool silk threads thereafter
Silver light and silent rising,
Hoisted by the ceaseless sun
To open, bloom and seed
Unto its kind,
Then be cast away upon
the fleeing tide
beneath the shattered cliffs
To sail and sink and scatter
in unstill waters
to make us fruitful
in our hearts and lives
And multiply the yield
Of yet unborn fields.


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