‘in loving remembrance charles gawain raleigh hunter,
lieutenant 2nd battalion the kings own yorkshire regiment,
killed in action at ypres 25th april 1915 aged 21 years,
beloved son of capt and mrs w g hunter.

‘and the spirit shall return to god who made it’

so long the dream of youth
spun from the blood-red love
of the heart for the heart,
and the flesh for the flesh,
whispers to the coming night
elegies of a summer’s day.
beautiful boy,
charles gawain raleigh hunter,
fresh from the shires,
oak of oaks,
flower of flowers,
commissioned on your
seventeenth birthday;
for king and country, regiment,
and the burden of entitlement,
you threw yourself away
so bravely,
so gladly,
so defiantly
on that hell-mired field
of speechless slaughter
that april morn
after the inundations
of flame and thunder,
and the beautiful,
grass-green mists
that rolled in on
the mourning breeze.
how selflessly you fell,
defying them all
the invisible foe,
the hateful hun,
and never let the men see
that you too were
in your proud young heart,
and that with your passing
and captain w hunter
should never
smile again.


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