venetia hardy hill

(a name on a memorial seat in a country churchyard)

venetia hardy hill
may you rest in peace,
the days expired
of your summer’s lease,
lush green grass
grows upon your bed,
fine english lawn
to shroud your head.
the fading glory
of the gilded past,
love’s stolen beauty
too pure to last.
a stoic survivor
of quixotic climes,
’til finally, irrevocably,
laid low by time.
yeoman dwellers
of the high uplands,
with sheep and barns
and hired hands.
venetia hardy hill
a name too good to die,
bequeathed a seat
for passers by,
to sit and muse
the passing days,
and remember
the final resting
of the grave.


10 thoughts on “venetia hardy hill

  1. She was 50 years young. Loved and bred horses. Had a serious car crash whilst towing some horses in a trailer in Cyprus 20 years ago which left her in a wheelchair. She was very poorly in 2009. She didn’t survive sadly. She has family in Birmingham and was married. She was a lovely woman. 😦

    • thats terrible, she was about the same age as me then. if you would like to pass the poem onto her relatives please do so. when i wrote the poem i hoped it would keep her lovely name alive, i hope it can bring a bit of comfort too.

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