i fall with the leaves of autumn
i fall with the leaves of autumn

my spirit withers and dries

i take into myself

the waters of light

and sugars to outlast the night

i die with the frost in winter

and weary of life so raw

that the light of my days

falls to piteous rays

and my prospects so laughably small

i rise with the sap of the springtime

and warm with her sweet, sweet face

and welcome the days

of her loving embrace

and want for nothing, no thing, more

i run through the fields of summer

and the sunshine my shoulders it burns

i run through the grain

and cant remember my pain

now that in summer fields we love

on troy and new york

the towers of troy that morning

at last in sorrow fell,

the ancient arcane working

of history’s darkest spell.

an enemy came so silent

upon the sleepy silten tide,

bringing unholy hateful vengeance,

from out the innocent azure skies.

its the same old story telling,

down the flying fleetful years,

of corrosive burning anger,

and choruses of tears.

too many lost, too many,

to the lusts of evil men,

deluded in their dreaming

of as vicious god as them.

no more, no more, i beg you,

the towers of dead they rise,

defiling all humanity

to the empty palace of the skies.



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